Hello world!


Hello World! My name is Moni and by faith I am here to tell my story. The Bible contains the stories of many of my faith brothers and sisters and helps me day to day to remember that life is a series of stories, put together to create a timeline that should edify the Kingdom in the end. God began the story and chose a people to lead us to Him and they failed time and again, the same way we fail now. God gave us a second chance through His Son, our Brother, our Friend. Jesus brought us together and made us family through the shedding of His blood on Calvary.

My story is one interwoven with mystery (uncovered), calamity (resolved), heartache (healed), and a never ending Resource of love and affection. I feel led to start blogging on issues that I see in my everyday life. Most will probably not come directly from news sources because I don’t watch tv/cable. So i will speak from the heart and of course, you should feel free to comment from the heart.

God gives me truth and I in turn relay that truth to you, my friends, my loved ones.

Love strong, love hard, love pure,

AndByFaith She writes


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