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The Bargaining Chip


I made a bargain with God. Better yet, I took all that He had done for me, attributed it to my account and got some leverage.

How does that sound? A bit crazy, right? Well, that is what we do when we try to bargain with God. There is nothing that we have to offer Him that He hasn’t already given to us one hundred times over. So whenever we try to act as if something we did should make God want to bless us, then we have crossed a sacred line and should repent and pray that God will remove the selfishness and pride from our hearts that we might see clearly again.

How many times have you tried to bargain with God? In all reality, you are just asking Him to do something for you and its probably something that you know if you prayed on it He would just direct you to His written Will (The Word) and it has already spoken against it.

This is a self-reflection moment. Even as I type this, I am reflecting on moments that I know He is purging from my life. Don’t just view this topic as applying to everyone but you…that is a sure sign that pride is blocking you from hearing what the Spirit wants you to take a look at in yourselves.


Happy Reflecting,

AndByFaith She Writes